CREAMIER ice cream at Toa Payoh

I love ice cream. Who doesn’t? And with the hot Singapore climate, you can have ice cream almost everyday. The Straits Times did a story of some of the best ice creams in Singapore, and my friends and I couldn’t help but be the typical Singaporean, to visit one of them – CREAMIER in Toa Payoh.

CREAMIER Ice Cream Cafe

CREAMIER’s location is not easy to find. But once I found it, I was immediately drawn to its chic and cozy decor and ambience, and curiously tickled at how it stood out among the older and “basic” looking HDB neighborhood shops.

CREAMIER has a good selection of 18 flavours. But my main objective was to taste the flavor featured in the newspaper – Sea Salt Gula Melaka. Unfortunately, it was sold out. How disappointing. Then again, I should have expected it to sell out since it was featured and I was there at almost closing time (9pm). But the young lady across the counter was nice enough to offer me a spoonful of the flavor, from scraps of leftovers sticking to the sides of the empty stainless steel container. I must say this is customer service at its best, especially in Singapore.

Empty Tub of Sea Salt Gula Melaka

Anyhow, it tasted okay but I didn’t think I could make a judgment of the flavor merely by a small spoonful. So I guess I might need to come back another time just to try this special flavor.

We ended up with a double scoop of Rum & Raisins and Roasted Pistachio plus a fresh waffle with The Richest Dark Chocolate Ferrero and Black Forest ice cream. Firstly, the texture of the ice cream is great. It was creamy yet not over-powering, with a tingling and refreshing feeling in the mouth, which keeps you going at it. The taste of the Pistachio was very good! I’m not a big fan of Pistachio ice cream but this will definitely be on my next order. If you are into chocolate and nuts, the Ferrero is a must have. The Rum & Raisin and Black Forest were mediocre. Both lacked that “wah” factor. I liked the waffle. It was crispy on the outside and soft in the inside. It was not too heavy but substantial enough if you are thinking of making it a sweet and small meal.

Belgium Waffle with Ice Cream

The lady owner approached us for feedback and said she listens to customer’s feedback to improve her ice cream formula. Another tick for customer service.

Lady Boss at Work

Single Scoop:  $2.90 ($3.90 for Premium flavour)

Double Scoop: $4.90 ($6.50 for Premium flavours)

Belgium Waffle with Ice Cream: $6

Opening Hrs: Tue – Thurs 12pm – 9pm /  Fri 12pm – 10pm  / Sat 10am – 10pm  /  Sun 10am – 9pm. Closed on Mon & Public Holidays

Address: Blk 128, Toa Payoh Lorong 1, #01-835, Singapore 310128



2 thoughts on “CREAMIER ice cream at Toa Payoh

  1. Not recommend this shop!!! I went to this shop today 7/7/13 around 4pm ++. While we are enjoying our ice-cream and left 2 small bites for my little gal, suddenly a woman came and take the dirty tissue and put on my plate, she want to keep the plate w/o asking hv we finish!!! I very angry and disappointed for a reaction!!! Cant your think that if happen to you and your beloved family!! We spent money to enjoy the food but just like pushing you go out faster!!! Not worth to spend money for this shop !!

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