GINDACO Takoyaki in Tokyo

In my recent trip to Tokyo, I ran into a Gindaco outlet.

I have been eating these “octopus balls” (Takoyaki) for years. But it was only about 3+ years ago, when ION Orchard mall opened, that I (and many other Singaporeans) got the first taste of Gindaco. Compared to the local-created balls, this breed of Japanese balls were so much better. It was crispier on the outside and softer on the inside, and had a more distinct taste.

So when I passed the Gindaco store near Midtown Tokyo, I had to give it a shot. If the ones in Singapore were good, these from the mothership, had to be better.

As I didn’t speak Japanese, and they didn’t have an English menu, I could only point to the picture of the promotional item to place my order. Anyway, it looked delicious and I also wanted to try something different.

That’s Not Me… Just a Curious Japanese Guy Looking at Me

Gindaco Takoyaki Balls

You should have seen my face when I took my first bite. I don’t know if it was because I was alone, an alien in a foreign country, or just the cold weather… but I had a surge of emotions that I can’t quite describe. Maybe it brought back childhood memories when a little tasty ball could light up my day. It still does…

Anyway,  the general taste is similar to the ones you get in Singapore (of course…), but it just had that tinge of after-taste that gives it such a kick. And the creation I took was fabulous… it was quite an explosion of different tastes and texture – sweet, salty, sour, creamy, crispy …

Some of the Gindacos in Tokyo are paired up with Highball Sakaba, a whisky brand. The decor in the store is warm and welcoming, perfect for after-work snacks and drinks with colleagues.

The Bar in Gindaco

A Satisfied Customer

Gindaco outlets in Singapore:

ION Orchard #B4- 62-65
RAFFLES CITY Shopping Center #B1-54


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