The Disgruntled Chef at 28 Ann Siang Road

From The second branch of the The Disgruntled Chef opens at The Club on 28 Ann Siang Road. With the success of their first restaurant in Dempsey, The Disgruntled Chef is definitely heating up the competition in the heart of this enclave of popular and chic eateries. The modern European fine dining menu includesContinue reading “The Disgruntled Chef at 28 Ann Siang Road”

Goubuli 狗不理 is more than Baozi 包子

From Founded in 1858, Goubuli 狗不理 is one of China’s longest established brands. They are popular for their Baozi 包子, which are steamed buns with a soupy filling. They have now opened their first restaurant outside China in Marina Bay Sands Singapore. Goubuli might be known for baozi, but they have a menu to rival any established Chinese restaurantContinue reading “Goubuli 狗不理 is more than Baozi 包子”