NOX – Dining in the Dark at 269 Beach Road

“Just imagine you are eating with your eyes closed… like sleeping”, said a friend. Yes, the experience in NOX is probably what I would call Sleep-eating. Or dreaming. And what a good dream it was.

Some years back, I was invited to try a similar concept but this was an organised event that wanted to raise awareness among abled people, on how it felt to be blind. Hence eating in the dark. I regret not attending that event but I am glad that I was able to experience it in NOX. And unlike an event, they are here to stay.

Pre-Dinner cocktails

Pre-Dinner cocktails in NOX’s lounge

Though NOX does not profess to promote the restaurant from a charity angle, they do employ visually-impaired staff as waiters/hosts. We spoke with our host a bit and he shared with us some of the difficulties he continues to face, as a visually-impaired person living in Singapore. One simple challenge is that not all our traffic lights have audio/sound indication for pedestrians to cross. I took for granted that the sound at traffic lights was just an audio reminder for us to cross quickly. For the visually-impaired, that’s the only sign they get. So the next time you see a visually-impaired person walking along the pavement, please go up to them and lend them that extra hand and share our sight with them.

You can read my full dining experience in

Here is the ONLY food item we got to see before we were plunged into darkness. A tasty Amuse Bouche as a mini appetizer to the great 3-course prix-fixe meal (S$88++ per person).

Amuse Bouche

Amuse Bouche

NOX received the Best New Concept 2013 as well as 2 stars in WINE & DINE magazine’s “Singapore Top Restaurants 2013”. I feel it is an ideal venue for social or corporate gatherings that wants to be a little different. And because there is NO distraction from our mobile devices, the level of engagement among guests is amazingly high.

NOX – Dine in the Dark
269 Beach Road (junction of Bussorah Street),
Singapore 199546
For reservations, call +65 6298 0708.


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