Gyoza-Ya in Robinsons Orchard #B1-02A

Robinsons Orchard (The Heeren), has a Gyoza place in its basement. Called Gyoza-Ya, its décor is typical of a Japanese diner but it was really the Gyoza plus other interesting  dishes that qualifies it for many more visits. And they had great service too… another big plus. Both the Yaki Gyoza Park (S$4.80) and Yaki Ebi Gyoza (S$5.80) were delectable.Continue reading “Gyoza-Ya in Robinsons Orchard #B1-02A”

NANA’S GREEN TEA in Jcube Mall (Updated 23 Dec 2012: Jcube outlet has closed, visit their new Plaza Singapura outlet)

Nana’s Green Tea is a big green tea/dessert chain in Japan. I had the privilege to meet their CEO (Nanaha Group) many many months back, when he was in Singapore, exploring the possibility of opening an outlet here. I didn’t hear from him since then, so I was pleasantly surprise when I saw a newContinue reading “NANA’S GREEN TEA in Jcube Mall (Updated 23 Dec 2012: Jcube outlet has closed, visit their new Plaza Singapura outlet)”

GENKI SUSHI in Orchard Central

I wasn’t really in a mood for Japanese and had my eyes on a nice warm Quiznos sandwich, but my friends convinced me to detour into Genki Sushi. No regrets. The quality of the sushi here was surprisingly good though it would have been perfect if they had a wider range of sushi. The dessertContinue reading “GENKI SUSHI in Orchard Central”

GINDACO Takoyaki in Tokyo

In my recent trip to Tokyo, I ran into a Gindaco outlet. I have been eating these “octopus balls” (Takoyaki) for years. But it was only about 3+ years ago, when ION Orchard mall opened, that I (and many other Singaporeans) got the first taste of Gindaco. Compared to the local-created balls, this breed ofContinue reading “GINDACO Takoyaki in Tokyo”