4FINGERS Crispy Chicken in ION Orchard

4Fingers serves one of the best fried chicken wings in town. It is described as Korean themed cuisine from the streets of New York City. The wings come in 2 flavours – Soy Garlic and Spicy. Both are equally good though the Spicy version is stronger in taste and savorier. I personally prefer Spicy. TheContinue reading “4FINGERS Crispy Chicken in ION Orchard”

PARADISE DYNASTY in Ion Orchard Singapore

Paradise Dynasty “Legend of Xiao Long Bao” was probably the first Chinese restaurant here to offer an interesting and somewhat exotic range of fillings, for traditional steamed dumplings. I usually order the assortment of 8 different dumplings (S$13.80). But beyond the xiao long baos, Paradise Dynasty serves really good food. I’ve been there 3 timesContinue reading “PARADISE DYNASTY in Ion Orchard Singapore”

GINDACO Takoyaki in Tokyo

In my recent trip to Tokyo, I ran into a Gindaco outlet. I have been eating these “octopus balls” (Takoyaki) for years. But it was only about 3+ years ago, when ION Orchard mall opened, that I (and many other Singaporeans) got the first taste of Gindaco. Compared to the local-created balls, this breed ofContinue reading “GINDACO Takoyaki in Tokyo”