SALTED CARAMEL Artisan Ice Cream at Upper Thomson

It is ice cream again. And at midnight. I can hear the trainer say “Those calories are going to bed with you!” They have slept with me for a long long time already. Anyway, this time it’s Salted Caramel… the shop and the flavor. I really love.. yes LOVE… the Salted Caramel flavor here. GuessContinue reading “SALTED CARAMEL Artisan Ice Cream at Upper Thomson”

JI JI WANTON NOODLE at Hong Lim Food Centre

Hong Lim Food Centre is usually packed with hordes of executives during lunch time, and it becomes really warm and somewhat stuffy.  I was there around 3pm and it was tranquil and calm. Yey. After walking around, I decided to try Ji Ji Wanton Noodle. I was furiously hungry so I literally gobbled it upContinue reading “JI JI WANTON NOODLE at Hong Lim Food Centre”

Coffee World of Seoul Korea

I recently went to Seoul for business. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take pictures of food that I ate because it’s not very nice snapping pictures in front of clients. There was one thing I found out about Koreans… they are crazy over coffee. There are coffee shops everywhere. So while I was waiting forContinue reading “Coffee World of Seoul Korea”

PURPLE MUSTARD hot dogs in Icon Village

I had a breakfast meeting with a celebrity chef friend and I thought I’d better find an interesting place to eat. Since I’m doing a little project on hot dogs, I wanted to kill 2 birds with my stone, so I decided on a good hot dog place in town. I was recommended to tryContinue reading “PURPLE MUSTARD hot dogs in Icon Village”

CREAMIER ice cream at Toa Payoh

I love ice cream. Who doesn’t? And with the hot Singapore climate, you can have ice cream almost everyday. The Straits Times did a story of some of the best ice creams in Singapore, and my friends and I couldn’t help but be the typical Singaporean, to visit one of them – CREAMIER in ToaContinue reading “CREAMIER ice cream at Toa Payoh”