BOON TONG KEE in Balestier Road

Boon Tong Kee is known for their chicken rice but over the years, many regulars like myself will be quick to assert that it’s not just their luscious fowls that keep us coming back. As appetiser, we got a little handful of soft steamed peanuts (S$2) and another small handful of char siew (grilled pork)Continue reading “BOON TONG KEE in Balestier Road”

Breakfast at JONES THE GROCER in Dempsey Hill

Jones the Grocer at Dempsey Hill seems to have customers all day round, throughout the week. Even during weekday mornings, when Dempsey Hill seems asleep, Jones would already have a handful of customers enjoying a cuppa or a hearty breakfast. It gets a lot more crowded on weekends and finding seats tend to be moreContinue reading “Breakfast at JONES THE GROCER in Dempsey Hill”

Ayam Penyet at RESTO SURABAYA in Far East Plaza

I found a new place in Orchard to have Ayam Penyet – Resto Surabaya in Far East Plaza. This restaurant seems less popular to the Ayam Penyet restaurant a few doors away but my friends and I find the food here better. If you don’t want a fried dish, you have to try the healthierContinue reading “Ayam Penyet at RESTO SURABAYA in Far East Plaza”

PARADISE DYNASTY in Ion Orchard Singapore

Paradise Dynasty “Legend of Xiao Long Bao” was probably the first Chinese restaurant here to offer an interesting and somewhat exotic range of fillings, for traditional steamed dumplings. I usually order the assortment of 8 different dumplings (S$13.80). But beyond the xiao long baos, Paradise Dynasty serves really good food. I’ve been there 3 timesContinue reading “PARADISE DYNASTY in Ion Orchard Singapore”

COCOTTE in Wanderlust Hotel Singapore

I have to start by saying that the Croque Madame (S$18) in Cocotte is one of the best I’ve tried. Well, I may not have tried 1000 different types of Croques to convincingly conclude that this is the best, but it was fantastically good and the one dish I keep telling all my friends about.Continue reading “COCOTTE in Wanderlust Hotel Singapore”

My Must-Have Food in Taipei Taiwan

I visit Taipei a few times a year. There are 3 things I must eat when I’m there. Not just once, but multiple times! The good thing is that all 3 are found in one place – Xi Men Ding. First on my list is “Xiang Xiang Ji” or Ji Guang Delicious Fried Chicken. TheyContinue reading “My Must-Have Food in Taipei Taiwan”

GINDACO Takoyaki in Tokyo

In my recent trip to Tokyo, I ran into a Gindaco outlet. I have been eating these “octopus balls” (Takoyaki) for years. But it was only about 3+ years ago, when ION Orchard mall opened, that I (and many other Singaporeans) got the first taste of Gindaco. Compared to the local-created balls, this breed ofContinue reading “GINDACO Takoyaki in Tokyo”

WILD ROCKET with Chef Willin Low

Homegrown celebrity chef Willin Low will be updating the menu at Wild Rocket this May. I was very privileged to get a glimpse and taste of some of his new dishes, together with current favorites, during my wonderfully gastronomical 7-course meal. The portions were perfectly sized leaving space in my eager tummy for the nextContinue reading “WILD ROCKET with Chef Willin Low”

NICK VINA Artisan Bakery in Icon Village

I was at Icon Village again. Impressed by the long display of fresh pastries and bread, both sweet and savory, I gravitated to Nick Vina. I picked up a Caprese Sandwich made of bread roll, extra virgin olive oil, tomatoes, mozaarella cheese and basil. My friend picked the Focaccia of The Day. The bread wasContinue reading “NICK VINA Artisan Bakery in Icon Village”

75 AH BALLING PEANUT SOUP in Nex Mall (Updated 7 April 2013: Outlet in Nex has closed, visit their shop in Golden Mile Food Center)

I don’t know when my love for tang yuan (rice flour balls) started, but I suspect it must have been long long time ago as a kid, when I would roll these little balls with my great-grandma and cousins, and boil them in a sweet ginger soup. Anyway, my favorite is “75 Ah Balling PeanutContinue reading “75 AH BALLING PEANUT SOUP in Nex Mall (Updated 7 April 2013: Outlet in Nex has closed, visit their shop in Golden Mile Food Center)”