Chef Ryan Clift goes farming with Open Farm Community

From For urbanised Singapore, the idea of farming has become interesting, especially when you have a nearby kitchen that cooks up your freshly farmed produce. With 35,000 square feet of land, and a restaurant helmed by celebrity chef Ryan Clift, Open Farm Community is giving Singaporeans a taste of this deeper connection between foodContinue reading “Chef Ryan Clift goes farming with Open Farm Community”

LITTLE FISH SHOP in Nex Mall at Serangoon Central

The Little Fish Shop isn’t a shop selling aquarium fishes but a seafood restaurant in the suburban mall Nex. Cute name. My friend works around the area and he said this fishy place is probably one of the more presentable restaurants for a proper western meal with his corporate associates. So it’s business-friendly. It isContinue reading “LITTLE FISH SHOP in Nex Mall at Serangoon Central”

4FINGERS Crispy Chicken in ION Orchard

4Fingers serves one of the best fried chicken wings in town. It is described as Korean themed cuisine from the streets of New York City. The wings come in 2 flavours – Soy Garlic and Spicy. Both are equally good though the Spicy version is stronger in taste and savorier. I personally prefer Spicy. TheContinue reading “4FINGERS Crispy Chicken in ION Orchard”